Benvenuti to l’ itaLEEano!

l’ itaLEEano is a blog written by me, Simona, and its intent is to share the Italian language along with Sicilian culture and dialect.

I’m Sicilian. I was born in Palermo and lived in Catania till my late 20’s. I’ve been living in beautiful Cornwall for many, many years now. Here I met LEE, my husband.

Lee is a chef, he owned a restaurant for years where he cooked Mediterranean food. Lots of his dishes came directly from my mum and dad’s kitchen from whom he learned to cook delicious dishes such us the famous fried rice balls: the arancini.

Although I love Cornwall, my heart is in Sicily and I keep her close reading books, cooking Sicilian recipes with my family, travelling there with Lee and finally writing about it and sharing my experience with you.

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